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Teardrop Tattoos On Face Meaning

Teardrop Tattoos On Face Meaning. It is etched below a person’s eye on either side of the face. What exactly teardrop tattoos on the face mean differs from prison to prison, but most imply struggle, pain, loneliness, and grief.

teardrop tattoo Teardrop tattoo, Under eye tattoo
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However, the real meaning of the teardrop tattoo varies in the great matter of how one perceives it. It seems that people in prison who have these tattoos are more clearly defined then people who have never been to prison. The teardrop is a representation of grief and the indelibility of the tattoo emphasizes the duration of sadness.

None Of The Rules Are Set In Stone But It Helps To Understand What These Tattoos Are Really About.

As tattooing has exploded in popularity a lot of of the initial tattoo symbolism has fallen by the method aspect.while several tattoo styles have utterly lost there original meanings, facial tattooing has remained taboo. Although face tattoos, in general, have long been associated with outlaw lifestyles, violence, and death, the meaning and symbolism behind under eye tattoos have steadily progressed towards a more positive and creative direction. The teardrop tattoos are most commonly found on the face, near one of the eyes, and sometimes both.

This Is Actually One Of The Only Face Tattoos That Symbolize Remorse.

If the teardrop is just an outline, it can symbolize an attempted murder. In some places, the tattoo can mean a lengthy prison sentence
, while in others it signifies that the wearer has committed murder. Jul 06, 2021 · what does a teardrop tattoo on face mean?one of the most widely recognized prison tattoos, the teardrop's meaning varies geographically.

Teardrop Tattoo On Face Tattoos Have Forever Had Symbolic That Means Each To The The Wearer And To The Society They Live In.

It is etched below a person’s eye on either side of the face. A teardrop tattoo is a small tattoo in the shape of a teardrop near one or both eyes. The teardrop design looks simple with one or two tear drops drawn below the eye.

In Fact, This Was A Way Of “Marking” An Inmate As The Property Of Another Person Or Humiliating The Inmate While In.

Or more specifically that the wearer was raped while incarcerated…. A teardrop tattoo on the left eye means that the person murdered someone in jail, and a teardrop tattoo on the right eye means the person lost a family or gang member to murder. Originally, the meaning behind a teardrop tattoo was that a person had killed another person, lost a loved one, or been raped in prison.

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It Is Closely Associated With Gang And Prison Culture, Where It Often Indicates One Has Served Time, One Has Been Humiliated, Or One Has Killed.

Teardrop (photo trendfashion2013) one of the most widely recognized prison tattoos, the teardrop’s meaning varies geographically. The teardrop is a complex symbol. This was a way of “marking” an inmate as the property of another person or humiliating the inmate while in jail, as a tattoo on the face cannot be covered up or hidden.